South Carolina State basketball player revived with CPR


SC head coach Murray Garvin accompanied Solomon to the hospital while associate head coach Rio Pitt took over head coaching duties after a 40-minute game delay.

Solomon, who had been in the starting lineup, was on the bench when the incident occurred. Now the Wolfpack head into a string of five straight games in which they really shouldn't be tested, beginning Saturday against visiting South Carolina State.

The official Twitter account for NC State men's basketball announced the game was delayed by a medical emergency. Associate head coach Rio Pitt led the team for the remainder of the game.

Reports have since indicated that the player is Ty Solomon. "A tough situation you know it puts everything in perspective when you think about what's going on in the world and then a situation like this you know obviously basketball in that time becomes secondary to everything else".

Players and coaches from both teams looked on with concern as Solomon received medical attention.

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Bulldogs coach Murray Garvin told ESPN's Jeff Goodman that Solomon was "awake and responding" at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Tyvoris Solomon was the player that went down. They trailed 22-5 when Solomon left the arena, but they outscored N.C. State 28-26 over the final 13 minutes of the first half. NC State went on to win the game, 103-71.

Torin Dorn scored 16 points for N.C. State, which shot 63.1 percent.

After Solomon was brought out of the arena, the South Carolina State team retreated to the locker room and was tasked with deciding to keep playing.