Pam Anderson: Weinstein attacks were 'common knowledge'


Pamela Anderson and Harvey Weinstein.

"As a victim (of sexual abuse) herself, the last thing she'd do is blame the victim", Gurrola tells WENN. She said that about going "into a hotel room alone" with "certain producers and certain people in Hollywood". "I'm endeavoring to tell ladies as a survivor of youth mishandle myself - It is imperative to be proactive as a grown-up who knows better - in shielding themselves".

Anderson presented a reaction on her meeting Friday on Instagram: "Kickback is great".

In a follow up post she wrote: 'I do NOT wish apologise for what I said, and will not get coerced into apology.

During her Thursday interview with Kelly, Anderson shared her own experience working with Weinstein on the 2009 comedy "Superhero Movie".

You're Pamela Anderson. You don't deserve anything. (But) there are a lot of self-protection courses.

Anderson tells TMZ she was "not victim blaming", and never said women deserved to be abused. "Just use common sense".

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"There were a few themes that came out of 2016, and one of them is, as women, we have a long way to go, a long way to go".

Anderson said she wasn't surprised when allegations of misconduct surfaced, as his behaviors were "common knowledge".

Anderson also revealed sexual abuse she said she experienced as a child and recalled some of her own personal experiences upon entering Hollywood as a young actress, which she said actresses could oftentimes avoid by exercising common sense.

While talking about Weinstein's accusers, she said they knowing that they were getting into it, when they went to former producer's home alone, her comment received much attention which becomes a subject of controversy and criticism.

'I think it was common knowledge.

She acknowledged that Hollywood is "seductive" and that there may be a false sense of security if an agent arranges a meeting, but added, "You know what you're getting into if you're going into a hotel room alone".

'If someone answers the door in a bathrobe, leave. Anderson elaborated on her unwillingness to apologize, writing on her Instagram, "I'm a deep thinker / I have a unique perspective. and effect is part of my life". "I am also an advocate for men". What's the problem?' And I said, 'No. I just need suggest sexual encounters - where I can be allowed to give my most out of control dreams to somebody who cherishes me. furthermore, never have utilized sex as a weapon. Backlash is good. - I like this. I believe in love and commitment and common sense.