Google Has A New App To Help You Save Mobile Data


As is already evident in the Philippines where Datally has been in use for several months now, the app has gone for over half a million downloads and saving around 30 percent data on average. Now, Google is cracking down on apps that share information it shouldn't.

"The app that blew us away this year - cleverly conceived, beautifully designed, and wonderfully useful", Google said.

That's why we built Datally, an app that helps you understand, control and save data.

Google has devised a solution for those who wish to keep their mobile data usage under a tight leash in the form of a new app named Datally.

The app helps users keep tabs on their data usage, broken down by the hour of the day, or segregated by apps.

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The practice of shoehorning apps into the apps has been an issue for many Android users as increased developers try to trick the users into clicking ads displayed on the lock screen and these ads are often not related to the app in which the ads appear. That is not all as the app will also suggest nearby Wi-Fi hotspots as well to save on mobile data consumption. The latest update adds additional protections in the forms of user warnings against Android apps that collect user and device data without permission. A Chat-head styled option bubble will also pop on your screen to let you know the amount of data you're using up.

You can manage apps individually, granting some access to your mobile data while restricting data use in other apps.

Among another usage of the app include its ability to suggest ways to cut down on data consumption based on the user's usage style.

Applications that handle phone numbers, emails, and other personal data will be required to prompt users ahead of time and provide a privacy policy. According to an Android Police report, Google's Developer Policy Center has witnessed changes detailing the types of appropriate apps that can be included in the Android applications and how these apps might appear.