Amazon Cleans Up Poop After Delivery Woman Caught Going On The Job


When Bautista arrived home, she noticed the feces and initially thought it was a dog.

A family in California was left in shock after they discovered an Amazon delivery driver left a disgusting package outside their home on Tuesday.

Surveillance video appears to show a delivery driver contracted by Amazon defecating in a gutter in front of a South Sacramento home.

The driver is seen in the video squatting outside the front passenger door of the delivery truck.

The woman's supervisor came to Bautista's house five hours after the incident to deal with the mess.

The unidentified woman, who was contracted driver for Amazon, can be seen squatting by her vehicle during the day pulling up her pants and driving away. Let me give you a hint ... he/she is not tying their shoes, ' he wrote on Amazon's Facebook page.

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Bautista writes the woman's supervisor came out in his personal auto "and was not prepared for cleanup".

So, the supervisor simply moved the droppings out of the street, leaving Bautista to clean up the rest and put it in his trashcan, according to Bautista.

Shocked, Bautista took to social media, asking the company to deal with the issue. "I didn't want it stinking up my can", Bautista said.

The customer did not say whether she provided a better review for the second package.

'This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages and we're in direct communication with the customer'.

The contracted Amazon delivery driver was sacked, and an Amazon spokesperson said: "this does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery service providers". The company also offered Bautista a gift card and apologized for the repulsive incident.