Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta becomes the new captain of the house!


Vikas and Priyank were really good friends initially, but their relation grew bitter with passing days.

Bigg Boss 11 December 1 episode preview: Vikas and Priyank will fight it out for this week's captaincy.

Then, Hina also tries to sort out the differences between Vikas and Priyank Sharma.

Later, Bigg Boss order Bandgi and Puneesh to get in the jail or else he will have to punish them.

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Shilpa laughed at the goof-up and thanked Vikas and Puneesh for saving her honour on national television, and resumed the conversation. Arshi and Shilpa! Arshi Khan ever since she leaves the jail, starts complaining to Shilpa that how come she did not offer food to her while she did to Puneesh and Bandagi when they all were in jail. However, Hina cries and says her friends are going from the house every week.

After a fierce competition during the luxury budget task and some heated arguments over entering the "Kaal-Kothari", the popular reality show Bigg Boss 11 is now up for another contest - the captaincy task.

She also added how people post that episode called her a scare-crow and 'Bhagaudi.' Shilpa laughingly takes the blame and tells him people who can not deal with her should stay away. In the latest addition, the "Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai" actress Shilpa has suffered a wardrobe malfunction when she toppled over in the house wearing a skirt. From Priyank's side, Hina and Luv will dance for him and from Vikas side, Arshi and Shilpa will be seen dancing. For the second song, Shilpa dances for Vikas and Luv dances for Priyank. While Arshi Khan says she will support Vikas, Hina Khan agrees to dance for Priyank.