It's Official, the Super Mario Cereal Hits Store Shelves on December 11


Kellogg's and Nintendo have teamed up to create Super Mario Cereal, a sugary breakfast cereal designed to promote Super Mario Odyssey. "We hope you'll keep an eye out for the new Super Mario cereal that is hitting the store shelves now".

Report: Nintendo to start offering in-game power-ups via cereal boxes
There's An Amiibo On Every Box Of Super Mario Cereal

It would appear the box has a scannable code that you place against a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con or Pro Controller to activate what is described as "special content to power up your Super Mario Odyssey adventure". Rumored for days and now confirmed, Super Mario Cereal becomes part of this nutritious breakfast in December. In fact, the first non-Nintendo game on the list shows up as 14th in Horizon: Zero Dawn, though the gap between Horizon and Breath of the Wild is filled with the Switch console, more PlayStation Store cards, and a PS4 and Xbox One controller. Created to be a promotion for Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo's hit new game for the Switch, the cereal box can even become part of your adventure. Even the cereal itself has a Super Mario twist, with colorful power-up marshmallows and a blast of mixed berry flavor in every box. Honestly, Nintendo branding aside, the cereal was pretty lousy. It seems that all of the Super Mario Cereal boxes will feature this amiibo NFC sticker on the inside, which runs counter to Kellogg's suggestion that only some of the boxes would. "We are always looking for new opportunities to bring smiles to people of all ages", said Prata, "and this is a fun way to kick off the day". Thankfully, the new Super Mario Cereal looks a lot more appealing.

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