YouTube unveils Reels to quickly share collections of short videos


Bring fans backstage: Creators have been using Community posts to build anticipation for a new video or upcoming big production. If you already know this isn't a feature for you, don't worry-reels will only find their way onto your homepage as recommendations if you start engaging with them. Most notably, Reels won't disappear after 24 hours or some other arbitrary amount of time.

YouTube wants to make sure that its creators have a variety of ways to distribute their content, and jumping on the Stories bandwagon, made famous by Snapchat and capitalized on by Instagram and other social networks, is one way to do that. "We learned that you want the flexibility to create multiple Reels and have them not expire, so we'll give you those options", notes the blog post.

Some people will likely bemoan the idea of Reels invading the YouTube experience. It appears, at least for now, that Reels won't show up on the top of the app.

Unfortunately, YouTube didn't share many details about Reels, mostly just saying that it will be in beta while the company learns about and ultimately improves the product. The company is handing out to those creators who have over 10,000 subscribers.

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The biggest new feature of the bunch is a spin-off of the "popular "stories" format" we've seen in other social media tools. As such, Reels are quick mobile videos that can last up to 30 seconds and on which creators can add filters, music, text and even stickers.

When can you try YouTube Reels? We've also optimized our notifications so that your fans are eligible to receive them, but they won't necessarily get a new notification for every new Community post.

YouTube says that, like Community, it will experiment with beta versions of the feature with a select group of creators first, though there's no word yet on when the beta version will be released or to which creators.