Snapchat separates the social from the media with its redesigned app


The redesign will be available to users starting in the next few weeks.

"While the Stories on Discover are personalized algorithmically, our curators review and approve everything that gets promoted on the page", said a Snap representative.

The redesigned app is Snapchat's biggest change since it introduced Discovery, with content from media partners, in January 2015.

The redesigned Snapchat app still opens first to a camera. Snap says the company produces 3.5 billion snaps each day. The left side of the app has always been for chats with friends, and the right side has always been for brands.

The new design, which hasn't rolled out to Android yet, is a bit different. The main bit of the app stays the same, from the start - you still see the camera first and foremost. But until then, stories, have been located in their tab to the right of the camera screen.

It will separate posts from a user's social circle from those sent by publishers and content creators.

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LONDON, UK - APRIL 13TH 2017: The official homepage of the Snapchat social media website, on 13th April 2017.

The left side of the Snapchat app will now display posts like photos and videos that have been shared by the user's friends, according to the Times, constituting the "social" component. This changes how most of the content is shown to users and also includes some new features. Before, the visual-messaging app was mixing posts from friends, publishers, celebrities and others, much the way Twitter, Facebook and other rivals continue to do. Snapchat explains that if an account follows you back, it is considered a friend, and shows up on the left side of the app. For Snap, which has been battered by three consecutive quarters of disappointing revenue figures and user growth since going public in March, the move could revitalize a business some have previously positioned as having the potential to challenge the digital advertising duopoly of Facebook and Google.

Also, Snapchat has gotten rid of a button for watching all the stories on your feed. You'll still be able to access direct messages to your friends here, but this is also where you'll now watch their public Stories. That way you can swipe down to exit out before you watch it (which friends can see in their analytics), or swipe over to skip to the next preview.

So how does Snap know who's a friend, and who's a brand?

By keeping friend-based communication separate from content created by professionals in the feed, Snap is trying to avoid what it sees as a pitfall of continually requiring users to add more friends to see more content. That's what the Snap crew said about this new Snapchat.

Scattered among those headlines are links to more serious stories: "After the Olympics, a Nightmare in Rio" (The New York Times), and "North Korea Just Launched a Ballistic Missile" (CNN), but the vast majority of the editorial content featured on Snapchat today is lightweight fluff.