Instagram testing GIF search for Stories


Well, you may no longer have to rely on those third-party apps as Instagram is testing a feature called "Regram" which does exactly what it sounds like.

Currently, when users want to share each someone's post, they have to either save the image and post it on via their own Instagram account, or use apps designed for this objective, such as Regram.

The most interesting one is probably the official "regram" button, which should work like retweets on Twitter or reblogs on Tumblr.

Instagram is testing a number of new features including the ability to search for GIFs to upload in your stories, according to screenshots obtained by The Next Web. It's a feature many users have been waiting for for some time.

Another featuring in testing that may be controversial is the ability for users to add GIFs to posts or Stories. In addition, there are also a host of other new, unreleased features that are now being tested as well. Instagram declined to comment on the screenshot or any of the other tests, refusing to say whether it was working on or testing a regram button.

Today Instagram released a new update that allows users to edit pictures that their friends send them through direct messaging.

Instagram regram button
Instagram's regram

Instagram has offered a beta version of its app for a while, but only for Android. Searching for and including GIFs in posts and Stories is also now being tested and appears to be powered by Giphy.

Another new feature is the "Close Friends" list, which reportedly allows you to send stories to just a group of few, select friends as opposed to your entire followers' list, without having to manually select those friends each time one by one. That said, if this did become a new feature, it would surely be a useful one, as it would remove the need to put image credits as a caption on reuploaded photo or piece of artwork.

We also recently spotted a new follow hashtag feature which could be coming soon to all users.

Last but not least is also a mysterious "add coffee" option.

The Next Web is reporting that Instagram is sourcing images from Giphy, although the animated images seem to be mostly text-based and cartoonish.

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