Daredevils jump from mountain top, land in plane mid-air


Frenchmen Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet plummeted from 13,000 ft before speeding through the air at 85 miles per hour somehow managing to glide into the custom build aircraft below.

Two wingsuit flyers pull off a daredevil stunt: flying over the Swiss Alps before "landing" inside a moving plane.

Frédéric Fugen and Vincent Reffet jumped from the Jungfrau in the Bernese Oberland and landed in a Pilatus Porter light aircraft flying at altitude.

This video may be the craziest thing you'll ever see.

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Two members of the Soul Flyers group completed the stunt, leaping off a peak in the Swiss Alps and gliding down to meet a plane mid-air. They had been through more than 100 test flights and even had one failed attempt they had to abandon before their successful jump, according to Red Bull.

This was a homage to a BASE-jumper called Patrick de Gayardon, who jumped out of a plane and then flew back into it in 1997, according to CNET.

"It was very complicated for us as we tried a first time but we messed up a bit and that sucks so much energy out of you".

"Going up to 4000 metres, it physically costs a lot". "We had to make the plane safe so we don't hurt ourselves if we touch it. It is a huge achievement".