Organizations Give Back on 'Giving Tuesday'


After a long weekend of shopping, Giving Tuesday is the day Americans are asked to volunteer or make donations to local, national, and global charities.

Now consumers are being urged to open their wallets for "Giving Tuesday" (sometimes written #GivingTuesday), a day to raise funds for charitable causes.

Today isn't just Tuesday, it's "Giving Tuesday" ― a day of charity styled after the far less charitable Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday that precede it. In that spirit, TechCo has chose to showcase a few charitable startups that will make your holiday season that much brighter.

You can find the location of a Salvation Army Shelter here.

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There are 240 organizations verified through Giving Tuesday in Nevada locals can donate to. This online professional network pairs young professionals at partner corporations with nonprofits seeking associate board members. You could double your donations on Facebook.

Well, according to a new survey from, millennials are the generation most likely to do background research on charities before donating. Donations also can take longer to process and be received when given via text message. With #donate, there's no long donation form or complicated sign-up process.

· Choose charities that disclose information.

Check with other organizations to see if they have a dedicated page, or you can give through a national page. Many Carroll nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers to carry out their missions and their leaders will tell you that much of their accomplishments and contributions would never get off the ground without the incredible volunteers and volunteer hours they receive. They say watch out for charity name similarities.