EgyptAir and Virgin Atlantic planes' wings collide at JFK Airport


In NY airport named after John F. Kennedy two passenger aircraft touched each other's wings while taxiing towards the runway for takeoff.

The right wing of an EgyptAir Boeing 777 heading to Cairo collided with the left wing of the Virgin Airbus A330, say reports.

The FAA is investigating how the accident happened.

Per ABC 7 NY, the pilot for the Virgin flight initially informed the control tower that he needed to pull to the side to work out a problem before taking off.

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A pilot of a Virgin Atlantic Flight reported he needed to pull over to address a technical issue before take off.

One image on social media show the wing-tip of the Virgin A330 completely shorn off, and being transported in the back of a pickup truck. "Virgin 4-Charlie-heavy, all right, disregard all that, pull off to the right, all the way to the right as far as you can on the run-up pad".

Tower: "All right hold position Virgin, 4-Charlie".

The London-bound Virgin aircraft was delayed after it clipped wings with a passing EgyptAir plane as the two taxied on the runway.