Beer on Mars? Budweiser plans to send barley to space


However, Anheuser-Busch InBev is hoping to change all of that by vowing to be the first beer on Mars.

There will soon be people on Mars, and joining them will be beer.

Budweiser added that it was always "pushing the boundaries of innovation" and stated that the "collective American Dream" had inspired them to work their hardest to make Martian beer a reality.

The corporation's representatives announced plans to become the first producer of beer on Mars amid the planned colonization of the planet in 2024.The company believes that barley that adapts quite well to arid periods and has high contents of salts in the soil could be one of them.

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Next month, the beer giant will send 20 barley seeds to the International Space Station (ISS) this December to learn about how beer ingredients react in a microgravity environment and how the barley will germinate in outer space. Malting barley is a process that results in the high-quality malt used in the Budweiser enjoyed today and the research on the International Space Station will unveil how the barley seeds react in a unique microgravity environment. The CubeLabs are items the size of shoeboxes that host small experiments.

This is but the first of many steps for Budweiser, the company said, as it plans to reach a larger goal of coming up with microgravity beer for the Red Planet.

Budweiser's barley will catch a ride to the ISS during SpaceX's CRS-13 cargo supply mission December 4. It is one of eight scientific projects on board the cargo resupply mission, with research areas including plant biology, bone growth, and diabetes management.

Budweiser's "innovation team" will also experiment with germinating the exposed barley seeds.