Police could take your drone if you don't pass a test first


This will also pave the way for the devices to be harnessed for a range of uses by businesses and public services.

The union's general secretary, Brian Strutton, said: "These proposals are a step towards the safe integration of drones, but until the new rules are in place the threat of a serious collision remains".

In 2016, the United Kingdom government took a survey for public consultation to address safety, security, and privacy challenges about the drone technology.

The 250g weight limit proposed by the new law is the same as that used in the U.S. to define the lowest-risk category of drones - those that weigh so little that they are unlikely to damage people or property in the event of failure. And the United Kingdom has just launched The Flying High Challenge, which will fund up to five cities looking to use drones to augment the way they provide emergency health services, deliveries and also infrastructure repairs.

The UK government is planning to introduce new laws to control the use of drones.

Among the measures planned for the forthcoming Drone Bill plus secondary legislation amendments the government has planned are new powers for police to order an operator to ground a drone if it's deemed necessary.

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Geo-fencing will be used to prevent drones flying in potentially unsafe areas, and the Flying High Challenge initiative will see major cities coming together to research and develop the technology and infrastructure for drones to be used commercially and industrially.

Officers will also be able to seize drone parts to prove it has been used to commit an offense. So says Baroness Sugg, the UK's minister for aviation in a statement made today to Parliament.

The Department for Transport announced funding for the project as it outlined plans for new legislation yesterday to try and ensure drone users operate safely and legally. "Make sure you know the rules for using a drone because it is always your responsibility to ensure that you are acting within the law and in line with the Civil Aviation Authority's Drone Code".

"We have been working with Government and the aviation and drone industries to educate drone operators by successfully promoting the Drone Code, which provides an easy to follow guide to United Kingdom drone rules".

"The Government should proceed with introducing mandatory geo-fencing technology as soon as possible". In July, a drone flew directly over the wing of a large passenger jet as it came into land at London's Gatwick Airport, which a report said had put 130 lives at risk. This is a particular problem with drones as operators using these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in illegal activities can just fly them away.