Jose Mourinho: 'I want Marouane Fellaini to stay at Manchester United'


Marouane Fellaini is suing New Balance for £2 million in damages after the shoe brand prematurely terminated his contract, which the company said it did because Fellaini wore the shoes without the logo, which Fellaini said he did because the shoes were pieces of crap that hurt his feet, and the logo peeled off.

While the various claims and counter claims have been lodged at the High Court, no date has been fixed for a trial. A month later, he said the ones he had been sent were "not comfy".

Asked if he was concerned Fellaini will move on, he said: "Yes, I am anxious he won't be here but I can do nothing - it is a discussion between the player and the board. New Balance therefore arranged for the player to be provided with bespoke replacement boots".

"I respect both; I respect the player because he has the right, has the right to decide his future, and I respect the board because the decisions and the discussions are under control. I have so much pain".

The following month, he added: "Your new ones arrive very soon, they will be like Nike I promise, my friend".

Marouane Fellaini
MANCHESTER UNITED Marouane Fellaini has become a key first-team star at Man Utd

The company is represented by Ian Bell QC, who relayed New Balance's attempts to solve Fellaini's problem: "The player orally informed Mr Simon Crawford of New Balance that he was experiencing discomfort when wearing certain boots".

In November 2016 he said he had received "new ones" but they were "still the same".

Lawyers for Rosalina said in September a member of New Balance staff had replied: "We can fix it my friend. we have the big dogs working on this".

In a subsequent message he is alleged to have said: "Ouch. we are copying the Nike boot for you".

And in a WhatsApp exchange in January, when asked if the "fit feel" of the boots was good, Fellaini allegedly replied: "Perfect for the boots".

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