Boy who got thousands of Christmas cards dies


To benefit as much as possible from the time he had left, his family observed Christmas early, and Jacob requested that individuals send him Christmas cards to help make his last occasion uncommon.

A 9-year-old, Jacob Thompson, who inspired thousands of people around the world to outpour Christmas cards as he had always been battling with deadly cancer, has died on Sunday. his family posted on Facebook that the little boy passed away within four years after getting diagnosed with the Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, which spread all through his head and hip.

His final wish was for holiday cards, and he received them by the thousands from strangers all over the world.

"We are working through the cards and take time to enjoy each one". We are so touched by the heartfelt notes we find and the smiles we see from people and pets in photos.

Jacob and his family had their early Christmas celebration on November 12 in the hospital, where he had been admitted since October 11.

In heart-wrenching news coming from the US, Jacob Thompson, the 9-year-old boy from Maine, Portland, has succumbed to cancer.

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On Sunday, Thompson lost his battle with cancer. They said they hoped his story will raise awareness of neuroblastoma, a disease that affects young children. We hope that donations will be made, and a cure will be discovered as a result.

Taylor said the boy's family had made a decision to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas early, with Jacob's wish to have Christmas cards sent to him from across the country.

He had some celebrity admirers like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who made him a card.

The boy loved penguins.

WATCH: Nine-year-old Jacob Thompson received an outpouring of support after it was learned he only had a month to live. "Do something for others, donate blood and platelets, or use your talents to bring shelter, nourishment or joy to those in need in honor of Jacob's memory".