Mom of dead Richardson 3-year-old arraigned


Sini Mathews was charged with child abandonment or endangerment in connection with the death of 3-year-old Sherin Mathews, who was reported missing on October 7.

Sini Mathews, the mother of 3-year-old Sherin, was arrested on suspicion of abandoning or endangering a child, a felony. The child's body was discovered in a culvert near the family's home on October 23. The police revealed that soon after the child's disappearance Wesley Mathews, 37, told the cops that he made her stand near a large tree near their house at 3 am on the day after she failed to drink milk.

Wesley Mathews, Sherin's father, was also arrested after admitting he watched his daughter choke on milk. Police say Wesley Mathews ordered his daughter to stand next to a tree behind the fence at their home at around 3 a.m. on October 7 as punishment for not drinking her milk.

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Sini Mathews' attorney has maintained throughout the investigation she had nothing to do with her daughter's death and that she was distraught during her daughter's disappearance.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner's Office is investigating the cause of death. Sini Mathews' bond has been set at $250,000. He's a Dallas native and a graduate of the University of North Texas. The parents went to a restaurant with their biological child on that fateful evening for dinner, leaving Sherin, a special-needs three-year old, alone at home, which put the little child in "imminent danger of death" according to the police. They checked with the restaurant to confirm only one of the Mathews' children was with them at dinner, and found a receipt proving the family was there that night.

The next night Wesley Mathews falsely reported his daughter was missing. "The police were professional and courteous and allowed us to bring Mrs. Mathews to the Police Department and surrender herself into custody". It was more than an hour later when he said they returned home to find her "still in the kitchen alive and well". "It's not necessarily related to her death, it's related to her care that she was being given while she was in that home". The child began coughing and choking, her breathing slowed and then there was no longer any pulse. Sherin was in the kitchen when they left the house, and was still there when they returned. "You're an adult. She's a child". Authorities meant to place this child in the care of family in the Houston area.