President Trump Says No Freeze-For-Freeze Deal With North Korea


US President Donald Trump has claimed success in isolating North Korea over its nuclear program during a almost two-week trip to Asia, pointing to a "maximum pressure" campaign along with Japan, South Korea and China.

Trump returned from a 12-day Asia trip Tuesday and made the remark in a televised statement that detailed the purported successes of his tour. He also (at least at times) offered somewhat reassuring rhetoric about his administration's position on the most risky regional challenges, like North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

Earlier this month, a senior White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said North Korea "clearly fit the criteria" for being on the list, suggesting the decision will likely be bad news for Pyongyang.

Trump also said he used the speech to speak the "truth" about the North Korean regime's "evil crimes". In addition, with Trump nearly completely ignoring human rights throughout his visit, and in his policies toward Asia, he risks alienating large, pro-democracy segments of the population in many developing Asian nations.

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"President Xi pledged to faithfully implement United Nations Security Council resolutions on North Korea, and to use his great economic influence over the regime to achieve our common goal of a denuclearized Korean Peninsula", Trump said.

"We've watched Trump's ludicrous acts with patience to the last".

"President Xi recognises that North Korea is a great threat to China", the United States leader said.

He was referring to a proposal, backed by both China and Russian Federation, whereby the North would freeze its nuclear program in exchange for the US and South Korea stopping military drills. In several stops on his trip, the US president also had pleasant interactions with Asian leaders, clearly trying to use charm to build personal ties. He visited Vietnam and Philippines to attend the APEC and East Asia Summits respectively.