A Hitman TV series and two games are in development


Deadline reports that the TV show will be ready by 2019 and will be brought to life by Fox 21 and streaming service Hulu.

The Hitman series follows Agent 47, an assassin with a mysterious backstory.

Hopefully the new show will be better than the two previous films.

Deadline is reporting that Kolstad, who is now writing the third John Wick film, will executive produce the series alongside Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon.

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The new television series is still in the early stages of development and does not now have an expected release date. Kolstad will be an executive producer, alongside film producers Chuck Gordon and Adrian Askarieh-the latter of which worked on both Hitman movies. The games centre around Agent 47, a meticulous and lethal assassin with a mysterious backstory.

The Hitman franchise has previously been on the big screen twice. The first was an eponymous 2007 movie directed by Xavier Gens.

Kolstad is writing the pilot for the planned series.

Speaking of the games, Hitman: Season One was recently re-released after Io split from owners Square Enix and returned to being and independent studio. The project will be overseen at Fox 21 by Bert Salke, Jane Francis, Gloria Fan and Kira Innes, and at Hulu by Jordan Helman. Eight years (and numerous video game sequels, ) later, a reboot arrived with 2015's Hitman: Agent 47, which, directed by Aleksander Bach, cast Rupert Friend as 47.