Timothy Piazza Hazing Death


Also as a result of the video, five fraternity members already charged in the case face additional charges, said Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller on Monday.

'He never once obtained those drinks for himself, brothers came up and gave them to him, ' Parks Miller said.

Timothy Piazza, 19, of Lebanon, NJ, fell down a set of stairs and suffered fatal injuries in February after prosecutors said pledges were forced to down a unsafe amount of alcohol and were then made to run a "gauntlet" of booze-drinking stations.

"The basement video captures the ongoing hazing that occurred on bid acceptance night and the continued repeated furnishing of alcohol by Beta brothers to Tim Piazza, as well as the other pledges, throughout the evening", the district attorney's office said in a statement, according to WTAE-TV.

Prosecutors brought charges against 12 new defendants and additional charges against five previously named defendants in the case after the Federal Bureau of Investigation was able to recover deleted surveillance video from the frat house basement on the night in question.

"State College Police sent the box to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, whose agents were able to restore the video from the deleted hard drive", the district attorney's office added.

The defendants have denied all charges.

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Deleted surveillance video leads to news charges filed in the Timothy Piazza manslaughter case.

Eight members of the frat were previously cleared of felony manslaughter and assault charges, although 14 still faced lesser charges. What happened next is described in horrific detail in a grand jury report citing evidence including surveillance video, witness testimony and phone records. That previous footage allegedly depicted Piazza, severely under the influence, falling head-first down the stairs at about 11 p.m. and falling again around 5 a.m., hitting his head against a metal railing.

The video showed Piazza stumbling around in the dark at several points, then disappearing from view.

He died a day later of traumatic brain injuries. In September charges were dismissed completely against four of the former fraternity members who were facing single counts of either tampering with evidence or recklessly endangering another person.

In late October, Parks Miller refiled the dismissed felony charges against Brendan Young, Luke Visser, Gary DiBileo and Michael Bonatucci. "Her successor - Bernie Cantorna - has not said whether or not he intends to proceed with the prosecution".

"Over the last several months, we listened to defense arguments centered around victim blaming", Piazza's father, James Piazza, said at Monday's press conference.

"The visions of him lying in a hospital bed battered and bruised and on life support ... make no sense".