LeBron James: 'No Shade' Intended Towards Frank Ntilikina


"I wasn't throwing shade at Frank at all, for people that got their trousers in bunches and things of that nature here in NY, that look for any controversy here", the Cavaliers superstar said. He knows only a little about Ntilikina, a teenager from France who had played overseas with one of James' friends from Ohio. And I would not change Frank for anybody. With the Knicks and Cavaliers set to play on Monday evening, James has since clarified his comments, saying that he didn't mean to "throw any shade" toward New York's rookie point guard.

Since then Smith has looked like far better pick - Smith is averaging 14.2 points per game to Ntilikina's 4.7, Smith has the ball in his hands and has been the more efficient shooter (although neither is efficient), and Smith has looked like a potential future star while Ntilikina has looked like a project.

Jackson selected Ntilikina, but that was about the last thing he did as team president, as he and the organization parted ways at the end of June. "I don't know what's wrong with him". "The coaches, the GMs, the president, this organization knows what they're doing". When the rider realized he was being filmed, he said, "Can you not?", pushing the camera away. "I wasn't even thinking about the kid when I was talking about Dennis Smith". "It's just that you're stating what you see. I can not let anyone disrespect my family like that". We love what we got.

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"I don't care, it doesn't matter LeBron or whoever it is.

All I can say is a lot of people think what they want and it must not affect us so we just have to stay focused on what we're doing to improve". "I'm just focused about the team, focused about us and we are just 100 percent motivated every game day ... so it's not affecting us". "I have to prove to the team", Ntilikina said.