Tiffany Haddish Has Energy and Confidence to Spare on 'Saturday Night Live'


The latest installment featured host Tiffany Haddish (who did a bang-up job on Saturday) as McKinnon's co-host/handsy lover in the delightfully chaotic sketch. She told the audience, "I Googled myself and it said, 'I'm worth $2 million!"

The opening sketch also dropped the show's first Louis C.K. mention. Jost said, laughing nervously.

Without specifically naming him, she offered a "tip" to others who might considering behaving the way he admittedly did to around several other women, saying, "Listen fellas, if you've got your thing-thing out, and she's got all her clothes on, you're wrong". "You know, you'd be surprised how many people get that wrong".

The weekly segment then welcomed a new character, "Claire from HR", an overwhelmed NBC executive, played by Cecily Strong, who has been working nonstop given the current climate. So what is the appropriate way to handle a workplace relationship?

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Haddish cracked jokes about her newfound wealth (or lack thereof), her childhood growing up in foster care, breaking the fashion taboo of wearing the same dress in public a few times, and all of the sexual assault allegations in the news. "SNL's" Roy Moore responded: "You sure about that?"

"It's been a insane week", Cecily Strong's newest SNL character said, rolling onto the Weekend Update set with a stray receipt on her face and frantic glint in her eye.

Strong's HR rep asked Weekend Update's Jost, "When is it OK for an adult to have a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old?" She also used a prop doll to demonstrate where "your penis should be" at work (answer: never out of your pants).

This weekend, Saturday Night Live made history by having their first ever black female comedian host the show. Next week sees Chance the Rapper hosting with musical guest Eminem.