Roger Goodell wants lifetime use of private jet, report says


It's a sentiment that Jones does not share, still feeling Goodell would go from wildly overpaid to merely very overpaid.

One of Goodell's most vocal detractors has been Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner who recently lost star running back Ezekiel Elliott to a six-game suspension that was spearheaded by the commissioner and his disciplinary committee.

In his most recent counterproposal to the Compensation Committee regarding his next contract as commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell in August sought almost a $50 million salary and lifetime private jet usage and healthcare for his family, according to ESPN.

Now, the commissioner reportedly made that counterproposal in early August, and it's unclear whether the contract the committee intends to discuss includes those terms. The requests have thus far been turning head in a negative way among the NFL's elite, with one owner saying that the demands are "offensive" and "unseemly".

Goodell has been the league's commissioner since 2006 and his current contract is approximately $30 million in salary a year. Tack on the fact that Goodell has allowed the league to descend into chaos with the anthem protests, his lack of ability to properly handle player discipline and a host of other problems would be more than enough to justify cutting him loose.

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One NFL owner said that there are "several owners in this league who don't make $40 million a year".

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said Thursday that negotiations will continue despite the lawsuit threat and that the league has already authorized the committee to make an extension of Goodell's contract. "He can stand to show some humility, but he won't listen to staff".

"I don't sense that at all from him", said a source close to Goodell on whether or not he will leave the job "He has said he's committed to it".

The committee will address Goodell's salary and compensation package.

Owners also feel that Goodell will not walk away and that he will not take less money. No one is talking about football.