Irate women brawl with McDonald's drive-thru employee over missing McNuggets


The report said the women, apparently feeling disrespected, pounded on the window, climbed inside and then assaulted the store manager before knocking over a basin of iced tea and then fighting their way back outside the same way they came in.

The fast-food battle royale happened at around 2:30 a.m. Friday morning at a McDonald's in Indianapolis when Monique McNeely was waiting for her food in the drive-thru.

Two women exited their auto to climb through a drive-thru window at a McDonald's in Indianapolis and attacked the store manager after a disagreement over chicken McNuggets, police told PIX11 sister station WTTV.

A manager showed them a receipt for an order of four mcnuggets, not ten, and were told they had to get to the back of the line if they wanted to place another order.

The women allegedly drove up to the window and said they didn't receive their McNuggets.

McNeely and her daughter were in IN for a band competition, and she says that at some moments, she was a bit afraid, telling the Star, "I was anxious that they were going to see me".

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"I thought that they were robbing", said McNeely, "and when I heard the shouting I thought 'Please tell me this is not happening to me'".

According to RTV6 the manager told the women to "have a nice day" before turning his back on them to fulfill other customer orders.

McNeely says she had just placed her order when she "saw two girls just dive through the drive-through window". "That would really freak me out", she said. "Then I started recording, because I knew this was going to be an important video".

Video of the event was turned over to police and can be seen above.

McNeely said she had no idea what the fight was about at the time and couldn't believe it was over chicken nuggets. The store manager was not injured.