Occupied Kashmir is part of Pakistan: Farooq Abdullah


"The youth of Jammu and Kashmir are much more intelligent than this".

Mr Abdullah's statement comes days after Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi rejected the idea of an independent Kashmir, saying it was not based on reality.

Farooq Abdullah went to the extent of saying that India had betrayed Kashmiris, which in turn created unrest in the Valley. He said because of these facts no one takes his statements seriously.

He called Kashmir landlocked and said that Kashmiris have no freedom. Calling the freedom seekers misguided, Farooq said that Indian side needs more autonomy. J&K's National Conference supremo stated that Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) belongs to Pakistan. "Those who are talking about Azadi are talking wrong", he said. "We are landlocked. We have China on one side, Pakistan on the other side and India on the third side". We have nothing except Allah's name. "Those who are talking about Azadi are wrong".

According to news agency GNS, Farooq said the Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) belongs to Pakistan while this part of Kashmir belongs to India. "The Indian government must also hold talks with Pakistan government because a part of Kashmir is also with them", he said.

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Jammu and Kashmir's former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah on Saturday said that autonomy for both parts of divided Kashmir without changing borders is the only possible solution to the Kashmir problem.

Farooq urged both the countries to grant autonomy to either parts of Kashmir. It didn't recognize the love with which we chose to join India.

About the Instrument of Accession signed by the Maharaja with the Government of India, Abdullah said people who talk about Instrument of Accession that way it suits them should know and not forget the conditions on which Kashmir has acceded to India. "These two countries need to sit together and decide the issue taking people of both parts of Jammu and Kashmir into confidence", he said. That is the reason behind the current situation in Kashmir.

"A Pakistan minister very rightly said that you forget that the part which is yours was acquired by an "Instrument of Accession.' You forget "Instrument of Accession" and say that the part is yours. Only then the peace will return". Governments at the centre have never been honest with Kashmir and its leadership.