Watch Conor McGregor Jump The Cage & Shove The Referee at Bellator 187


UFC Lightweight champion Conor McGregor has had to be restrained after stormed into the cage at an MMA event in Dublin.

Once Ward landed that coup de grace and Redmond went crashing down to the mat, McGregor scaled the cage and went over to congratulate Ward on the win.

McGregor wasn't a licensed cornerman for the event.

McGregor was escorted away and, after standing in front of the crowd with arms aloft, he walked away but then chose to make another effort to the cage, shouting "That was a fucking stoppage" as security officials again swarmed around him.

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Now it seems that that was not the extent of the Irishman's misbehaviour.

Security ultimately escorted Conor from the cage but he came back, jumped on top of the cage and slapped one of the security guards on his head. The UFC is now in negotiations regarding McGregor's potential return in December, according to recent comments by president Dana White.

If I'm security I do exactly what they did. High was cut from the promotion subsequently. However, McGregor has said that he wants equity in the company and is demanding much larger paydays. But he was in the MMA cage on Friday for a completely different reason, and people aren't too happy with him. Moreover, unlike High, he had not just been in a fight and potentially concussed. But his actions were met with a furious response from McGregor.