Donna Brazile paints deplorable view of Hillary Clinton


But another subject which hasn't been asked about almost as much caused the one-time head of the Democratic party to get emotional during an interview Thursday. Clinton handed over $20 million to help get the DNC out of debt.

Other Democrats are now distancing themselves from Brazile's account - even Sen.

In a column on, editor-at-large Chris Cillizza accused Brazile of "contradicting herself".

"What you didn't know is they got our voter files", Brazile said.

"This book is a warning to all Americans", Brazile said", This is a super duper hacking". When she was at the DNC and was told she had to clear decisions with the Clinton campaign, she angrily declared she wasn't "Patsey the slave".

When pressed on whether she agreed with claims the DNC had been rigged, the senator, who ultimately endorsed Clinton over Sanders at the end of the 2016 Democratic primary, said "Yes".

"CNN did not give me any questions", Brazile told the crowd.

But mostly it was the Russian hack of Democratic Party headquarters. It adds another explanation as to why the Democrats did such a masterful job of losing to the one Republican who should have been the easiest to beat: Trump.

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In any other field besides politics, that sort of shenanigan would be called "fraud".

A spokeswoman for Warren later told MassLive that Warren believes, as she said last week, that the DNC was rigged, but that the primary itself was not.

She has obviously been in a slow boil for some time over the condescending white liberals who run the Democratic Party.

Brazile also answered a question about the accusations that she gave Hillary Clinton debate questions in advance.

Twelve years ago, I wrote a column excoriating liberals for expecting Latinos and African-Americans to be deferential. "I love him", speaking of the DNC staffer who was shot and killed last summer.

Out of the blue, Brazile sent me an email praising the piece and congratulating me for writing it. Now she refuses to be deferential.

It's up to every person to make up their own minds, but given the facts, and Brazile's own attempts to reconcile the facts to her own role, isn't it possible that she's telling the truth, and might have been the victim of gaslighting?

One suggestion she had for Clinton: "She should have asked Bill to go hang out in Detroit, bring your saxophone", Brazile joked.