Charlie Sheen Denies Accusations He Sexually Assaulted Corey Haim


Meanwhile, Sheen has issued a statement through the Hollywood Reporter, responding to the sexual abuse allegations, saying, "Charlie Sheen categorically denies these allegations".

The accusations against Sheen first became news when Corey's old friend, Dominick Brascia, said to The National Enquirer in a report published on the 8th of November that the 52-year-old Platoon star abused Corey while on the set of the 1986 film, Lucas.

Now, appearing on US TV's The Dr Oz Show, Judy Haim has said she is adamant that Sheen did not rape her son, going on to claim that she knows the true identity of Haim's alleged abuser.

A spokesperson for Sheen said that Sheen "absolutely denies the claim".

Haim did say the name of the man whom she claims sexually abused her son at a young age, although the named was bleeped out during the clip.

The interview will air on Friday at 1pm. I can tell you as a mother that I haven't seen one change in character.

Judy said: 'My kid hid nothing, he was like... transparent.

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Brascia's allegation comes four years after Corey Feldman alleged he and Haim had been sexually assaulted by key players in the film industry in his 2013 memoir, Coreyography. He never hid anything.

"Charlie Sheen, I never heard his name mentioned once", she told host Dr Mehmet Oz.

Feldman, the other half of TV's "The Two Coreys" reality show, went on "The Dr. Oz Show" last week and identified a man he said was one of a number of men who abused him when he was a teen. They're going, 'What the hell is he (Brascia) talking about?'

Corey Haim's mom denies the rape allegations against Charlie Sheen. Although it's unclear exactly what transpired, Judy said it was not "full on rape", something Dr. Oz said was arguable, depending on who you ask.

"There are people that did this to me and Corey that are still working, they're still out there, and they're some of the most rich and powerful people in this business".

Fellow 80s star Corey Feldman has alleged that Haim was also a victim of a Hollywood pedophile ring that Feldman is now attempting to expose to the media.