Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro Resolutions Playing Diablo 3


Microsoft made a risky bet Tuesday when it launched the brand new Xbox One X - a $500, superpowered gaming console that far outpaces its competitors on specs.

They found one great thing about the Xbox One X: Playing games optimized for the console on the 4K TV (with another fancy visual feature, HDR, or high dynamic range) is an unbelievable visual experience. A small number of Xbox 360 games were recently announced to be enhanced on new console as well, and Microsoft has just added a few games to that list.

Xbox's other Kiwi superfans - Ian, Kate and Searle - also received their Xbox One X before midnight in "supercar style", making them the first gamers in the world to get an Xbox One X. They were selected via competition to find NZ's most passionate Xbox fans by Mighty Ape Games. You can still order the $500 console through GameStop's website, though in-store availability may vary. As with any new hardware, there will be failures, so it's impossible to know the rate of consoles bricking after just two days. For those that want a cheaper alternative, you can always pick up an Xbox One S for around $200 or wait it out for special holiday bundles.

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As of right now, it seems that those who purchased the limited edition Project Scorpio consoles are having most of the problems.

There's a much more subtle nod to Xbox history on the box itself - that is, the packaging for the console - but you might not have caught it.