Soon, There Will Be A Harry Potter Version Of Pokemon Go


According to TechCrunch, the game is being co-developed by Warner Bros.

President of Warner Bros.

The new Harry Potter AR game, Wizards Unite, will launch in 2018.

Rumors about Niantic developing a Harry Potter game actually surfaced a year ago, though the developer quickly squashed those rumors.

Niantic is regarded as the leader in the augmented reality gaming space.

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Rumors flew previous year that a game was under development but nothing was ever officially confirmed, but now we know for sure. Considering how much exploring Harry Potter PC games included back in the day, Ingress-styled gameplay can work well with the theme of the game. Interactive Entertainment today announced the development of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, an augmented reality (AR) mobile game inspired by J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World. The game will take advantage of the technology featured in Pokemon Go and Ingress and allow you to travel around while discovering mysterious artifacts, learning to cast spells, and encountering legendary beasts and characters.

I'm excited to see what Niantic will bring us with Harry Potter Wizards Unite, and I know it will likely not be at all like I described above.

There are no further details about any of the new Harry Potter games, but more details are expected to be revealed "very soon". In that game, players explore the real world with their smartphones and defend certain locations while collecting power-ups. And just like "Pokemon" devotees, "Harry Potter" fans are a pretty loyal and enthusiastic bunch, and should easily turn "Wizards Unite" into a sensation that matches the frenzy "Go" generated back in 2016.

A website has launched for the upcoming game, but now doesn't offer any other details.

We look forward to seeing you outside on your next adventure.