The Xbox One X is finally here


Microsoft even got a peek at what it's like to be Apple, with lines of eager customers snaking outside of its retail stores overnight.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson recently teamed up with the folks at Xbox to surprise a trio of Make-A-Wish kids with some custom Xbox One X consoles. "The new console launches with the largest games lineup in Xbox history, with more than 70 Xbox One X Enhanced titles coming in the first week and more than 50 available on launch day". Microsoft has made a decision to stick to QHD for the most efficient performance. Not only is the console backward compatible with everything on the Xbox One, but it also comes with added memory, - specifically 326 GB of Memory Bandwith, 8 GB of Flash Memory, and 1 TB of internal storage - new 4k capabilities, and faster loading times.

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The Xbox One X has a lot of promises to fulfil and the pressure is on Microsoft to deliver them.

For those who haven't tried Xbox One X yet, it's the real deal, offering true 4K gaming with HDR at frame rates of up to 60 fps. Microsoft is selling the Xbox One X for $499 in the USA, with the console compatible with all existing Xbox One games and accessories, with over 130 games in the pipeline of receiving updates to take advantage of the additional horsepower inside of Xbox One X. With the sleek, black design on the console, the Xbox One X is truly a lovely machine that will provide a smoother, more immersive gameplay experience for its users.