Packages sent to Scottish Parliament 'not suspicious'


The Scottish Parliament's official Twitter account said that the MSP building within Holyrood had been cleared.

A Conservative source told the Evening News that the packages received were invitations to the Inverness Courier newspaper's 200th anniversary celebration event.

But he was later told that a member of Mr Halcro Johnston staff had his hands covered in white powder when he opened a similar package.

Part of the building was evacuated after the packages, one of which was said to contain white powder, were sent to the offices of four Tory MSPs.

Firefighters and police officers are now on the scene in Edinburgh, while MSPs have gathered in a lobby area of the parliament.

The alarm was initially raised just after 11.30am when Police Scotland received a report of a suspicious package.

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According to the Mirror, a suspicious substance was found in a letter sent to an MSP's office, RT reported.

The Scottish Parliament has resumed its work after being evacuated over suspicious packages, the parliament's press service said Tuesday. The Parliament's incident management team has been activated.

The MSPs' block at Holyrood was evacuated as a precaution with police and fire services called to investigate the findings.

"This is part of a pre-arranged process put in place, ready to deal with such developing situations".

"The vehicle entry system has been closed to enable emergency services access".

"The public are thanked for their patience and support during this matter".