IPhone bug frustrates users typing 'i'


Apple, for its part, has recognized that this bug exists, but so far, an official patch hasn't been pushed to affected users. If this is bothering you, all you need to do is create a new text replacement.

"Reddit user TheCravin documented the issue on Reddit, noting how every time they type "i" it gets replaced by a random operator character like "A", "#", or "!" followed by the Unicode symbol [?]. You simply have to go to your keyboard settings and make a shortcut for the letter "i". Recent revelations note the iOS 11.1 Upgrade Guide suggests users only upgrade if they face battery problems, sound advice considering they already have less to lose.

That's because a bug with the latest version of the phone's operating system is causing problems with a single letter - the capital I.

The bug will eventually be permanently fixed in a software update, Apple said.

While it's not clear what caused the unusual bug, users have shared a range of quick fixes online, and Apple has recommended a temporary workaround.

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Guidance from Apple indicates you should stay where you are unless you are experiencing problems, since the main objective of the iOS 11.1 update is to fix bugs.

If the users don't take action to remedy it, the incorrect characters will appear within text.

Or you could learn to type correctly, because obviously everyone is just typing stuff in wrong. According to its support page, you can add the letter "I" to your autocorrect's dictionary via Settings General Keyboard Text Replacement.

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