Larry David angered the internet with his ill-conceived Holocaust jokes on 'SNL'


David apparently realized that some of his jokes weren't getting a big response, at one point saying "I think I'm doing quite well". "When people see me I want them to say, 'Oh, there goes a fine Jew for you!'" The individual wrote, "judging by how upset everyone is with Larry David, I guess it was hilarious". David also tackled Harvey Weinstein (a subject SNL had deliberately shied away from previously), noting along the way that Weinstein and numerous other major Hollywood figures being accused of sexual misconduct are Jewish (David is himself Jewish). "We're gonna win this thing the Bernie way, which means if I lose, I'm going to bring everyone down with me". "It's because I'm bald isn't it?"

Admittedly, unlike the James Corden routine from a few weeks back, David doesn't make fun of Harvey or the situation itself but deflects aim to the fact that it is painting the Jewish community in a bad light.

"And I have three words to say to that: Oy Vey Zmir". I want 'Einstein discovers the theory of relativity.

The last bit is a Yiddish phrase meaning "Woe is me", and the reason David turned to that is because he has his own history (at least on Curb) of giving women unwanted attention.

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One look at the Twittersphere and elsewhere in social media confirms that tons of people are not happy at all about these jokes. "Not remotely clever or amusing", said another.

The group, which represents all Holocaust survivors in Israel, condemned David's monologue and called on him to apologize.

During the opening, David touched on the ongoing sexual crime scandals that are tearing through Hollywood as of late. He then tried to imagine the conversation he'd have with a woman inside the concentration camp.