Beware! Fake version of WhatsApp found on Google Play Store


WhatsApp Business that is yet to launch as a standalone service also carries a fake version that has many complaints from several users in the comment section.

This is not the first time that fake apps have invaded the Google Play store. Side-loading apps from third-party websites can be risky, so sticking to Google's own channels is the most sensible way to keep your smartphone secure. Unfortunately, though, the unearthed code doesn't give us any information on what app will be used to play the audio books.

Yesterday, an imposter app, posing to be WhatsApp was spotted on the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, this app has absolutely nothing to do with the official WhatsApp app, and had no input from WhatsApp owners Facebook. Read on to learn about the new fake WhatsApp and how this fake app could affect you.

WhatsApp users will be able to place orders through the app and even receive updates from companies on it.

There were at least seven fake versions of WhatsApp on the Google Play Store, which use variations of the developer's name, stated the report.

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The dummy app's developer is apparently unknown, but the culprit later changed the name of the app to "Dual Whatsweb Update", and removed the "WhatsApp Inc." developer title. A Google spokesperson later confirmed that the app was removed from Google's platforms.

You can not download WhatsApp Business right now, but it is possible to sign-up to test it in the future here. It is trying to install a second APK, which also contained the WhatsApp name.

To be fair, it is very easy to fall for the dupe app. "Business Inc.", had a high rating of 4.3, despite some users describing it as a "fraud app" and "data theft". A fake version of the popular game Temple Run 2 was also seen doing the rounds of the Play Store back in October. It is always a good idea to double check when downloading an app from Google Play Store.

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