Extra Vacation For Nonsmokers


Some nonsmoking employees had complained they were working more than their colleagues who stepped out for a cigarette, according to The Telegraph.

There are other ways to incentivize employees to quit smoking, according to The Midwest Business Group on Health. Additionally, the Japanese government holds a stake in Japan Tobacco, the multinational tobacco giant, which critics say compromises its smoking policy.

Japanese marketing firm Piala is rewarding nonsmokers in the best way it knows how: with vacation days.

The paid leave benefit was launched after non-smoking employees left comments in the organisation's suggestion box, stating that smoking breaks were causing problems.

Chief Asuka also said that he hopes to "encourage employees to quit smoking through incentives rather than penalties or coercion.so far, four employees have quit".

Following the suggestion, the company's CEO Takao Asuka made a decision to give non-smoking employees extra time off to compensate, Matsushima added.

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In a country where almost 22% of people smoke- one of the highest rates in the world - Asuka also said the policy should encourage people to quit.

Those smoke breaks do add up over time, which prompted some companies to get creative with how they compensate the time for non-smoking employees. The figure is higher among males and older generations.

Smoking is still quite prevalent in Japan although most office workers must do their puffing in designated smoking rooms and outdoor areas.

Japan lags behind other developed nations in terms of smoke-free policies and the social pressure to quit is less intense.

There are many western countries which encourages smoking in restaurants and work areas. India is leading at the 4 position in terms of the maximum cigarettes consumption.