Alabama kidnapping victim escapes trunk


Officials say the victim was sleeping when Wyatt allegedly began choking her and demanding money.

She ran into the gas station convenience store and approached the clerk, while her captor fled when he realized he had been discovered. When she woke up, he demanded money and then tied the woman up and forced her into her auto.

After threatening to stab her multiple times while she sat in the back, he bundled her into the trunk of the vehicle.

Wyatt then tied the victim's hands behind her back and forced her into a blue, four-door Ford Taurus.

Seconds later, the victim managed to pop open the boot with a lever inside.

When Wyatt went into the gas station, the victim waited a few seconds, popped the trunk and ran inside for help.

The vehicle boot pops open soon after and a woman is seen running out of the trunk into the service station.

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Wyatt allegedly texted his victim after she escaped the auto, saying he wanted to see her and her children one more time before he dies, according to the Montgomery Advertiser.

Shearon said deputies were performing extra patrol duties in the area of County Road 425, in the Fairview Community, when they found a person sleeping inside the old trade school building.

Wyatt is wanted on kidnapping, robbery and burglary charges in Autauga County, according to courthouse records show, the Advertiser said.

"And we would like to thank the Chilton County Sheriff's Office, and all other agencies, who assisted in the search and capture of Wyatt".

According to WSFA, Wyatt was taken into custody Tuesday without incident.

Wyatt was out on bond in Chilton County for the charge of possession of marijuana, a felony, when the kidnapping incident occurred.