Frozen Metallica Mashup Has Kristen Bell & Dave Grohl Rocking Out


For the Halloween episode, Grohl dressed up as his old pal David Letterman for the entire show and even performed a Metallica/Frozen medley with Kristen Bell. At least, that's her excuse for dressing like Tom Selleck's title character from Magnum, P.I. anyway. He was dressed as Wild-Style David Letterman, of course.

Grohl invoked his daughters' admiration for the film in his pitch to Bell, who quickly agreed to perform. "And just like Dave [Letterman], I'd like to announce my retirement from late-night TV". Gradually though, the song morphs from Disney ballad to the all-out rock of Metallica's "Enter Sandman", with Bell doing her best James Hetfield impression throughout. But what happened next is sure to confuse young Frozen fans everywhere.

Before long, the song had evolved into Metallica's 1991 hit Enter Sandman, which Bell also sang, but with a deeper voice be honest, a bit more strain.

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Before guest-hosting our show, we find Dave Grohl doing something unexpected in Jimmy's office.

Move over, Jimmy Kimmel-there's a new host in town.