Defence secretary quits after apology for touching journalist's knee


Sir Michael Fallon has resigned as Defence Secretary as British politics is engulfed in a sexual harassment scandal.

He apologised earlier this week over an incident 15 years ago in which he placed his hand on the knee of journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer.

Earlier this week, Fallon apologized for behaving inappropriately toward Hartley-Brewer. "I doubt very much it's because of my knee and if it is I think that's really mad and absurd and insane".

Having spent more than three years at the Ministry of Defence, he has mastered his brief and won the genuine respect of senior officers for his commitment to the military cause in a very challenging budgetary environment.

Reuters reported that Fallon said his past conduct had fallen below the high standard required in his position on Wednesday in a resignation letter to Prime Minister Theresa May.

A growing number of women and men working in Britain's parliament have complained of inappropriate behavior by lawmakers, largely prompted by sex abuse allegations against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein.

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In her reply, Ms May thanked Mr Fallon for his "diligent service" and for the serious manner in which he'd considered his conduct in his position.

Fallon added that he would still work hard as an MP for his Sevenoaks constituents.

"It should not impact the schedule" of meetings with United Kingdom representatives, a Pentagon spokesman said.

Writer and academic Kate Maltby says Cabinet ministerGreen "fleetingly" touched her knee in 2015 and later sent her a "suggestive" text message after she was pictured wearing a corset in a newspaper.

Two of his former ministerial colleagues are however, the subject of an investigation.