PM, Pranab, Manmohan, Rahul pay tributes to Indira Gandhi on death anniversary


She also shared a throwback photograph in which she is seen with Indira Gandhi.

In Ludhiana, former minister and senior Akali leader Hira Singh Gabaria said, "We will not allow (the Congress) to install the statue of Indira Gandhi at a public place anywhere in Punjab".

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said rising intolerance has thrown former prime minister Indira Gandhi's idea of India into question.

"We also remember Sardar Valllavbhai Patel on his 142 birth anniversary today", he added. "Sitharaman should take inspiration from Indira Gandhi and deal with Pakistan from a position of strength and should not be a mere showpiece which Narendra Modi would like her to be", Naik said. "She fought for the unity and integrity of the nation, stood for an India where distinctions of caste and creed, religion and region, would be eradicated". "She paid for her principles with her life, but never compromised with her faith in India and her people". Her death led to anti-Sikh riots across the country which led to displacement and killings of people from Sikh community.

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Gandhi said Sonia Gandhi has been ill but was keen to attend the function to give away the 30th Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration.

"The Award reminds all of us that like her we must be undaunted, unafraid and uncompromising against the forces of darkness that seek to engulf our land", she said.

Congratulating T. M Krishna, Singh said: "He is an extraordinary gifted musician".