Bill Belichick: Keeping Jimmy Garoppolo and Tom Brady 'just wasn't sustainable'


That's the primary reason New England sent shockwaves throughout the NFL Monday evening by trading the heralded backup to the San Francisco 49ers (more on that here).

And the high second-round pick the 49ers just gave up for Garoppolo would be an affordable player: One of the reasons those picks are valuable is that a high second-round pick only costs a little more than $1 million against the salary cap. The 49ers are getting a good player, they're getting a good person, and they're getting a great teammate. Among Garoppolo's contributions included nearly immediately taking a leadership role of the 2014 rookie class, providing valuable insurance at the game's most important position, and then performing well when thrust into regular-season action.

CBS Local Sports: The big news today is the trade between the New England Patriots and the San Francisco 49ers.

CBS Local Sports: This trade also represents the New England Patriots going all-in with Tom Brady. But the Patriots have shown [that they can compete with any quarterback], just like past year when Tom Brady was suspended for four games.

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Ben Volin: The real question [is], did they wait too long now in waiting to trade him here at the deadline? He's playing well once again this year. I'm sure they thought about this even before the draft past year. I'm sure they have a quarterback in mind who they're going to bring in to back up Tom Brady, and the transition is going to be pretty easy. "I'm just not used to being a backup". They had hoped to keep him on board.

So Brady has done what few quarterbacks have been able to pull off - get better with age. "I learned that a long time ago, and I'd say that advice has served me well". So, I mean, in comparison, I understand his name was in the headlines a lot, he was a really handsome guy-more handsome than Tom-his picture's in the paper a lot, but he never played here. But, in terms of news, sure.

Dan Shaughnessy: In terms of drama, back-and-forth memorable games, already two of the top ten games of the modern era have been played in this thing.We have one or two more to go but I believe it's gonna be in the top-5 [World Series of all-time] no matter where it lands.