Arrest Warrant Issued for Rose McGowan in Connection to Drug Charge


Police propelled an examination after they purportedly discovered hints of opiates in individual possessions abandoned on a United flight landing at the Washington Dulles International Airport on January 20, the AP reports.

Rose McGowan is fighting backafter a warrant was issued for her arrest in connection with felony drug possession case.

In January, law enforcement allegedly found cocaine in her belongings, which were left on a flight in Virginia.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department obtained the warrant on February 1, more than a week after the search at Washington Dulles International Airport.

Rose McGowan, one of Harvey Weinstein's accusers in a massive Hollywood sexual misconduct scandal, is in legal hot water.

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She claims that officials are "trying to silence" her and are using the arrest warrant to do so. McGowan tweeted on Tuesday about the warrant.

Police have attempted to contact McGowan so she can appear in a Loudoun County, Va. court but she has not responded, leading to the issuance of the warrant. There is a warrant out for my capture in Virginia.

The actress revealed that she was raped by the Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, she revealed the news earlier this month. When McGowan was temporarily suspended from Twitter in the immediate aftermath of the first wave of allegations against Weinstein, she said "powerful forces" were at work to keep her quiet. "What a load of horses***".

She was the keynote speaker Friday at a women's conference in Detroit, where she urged attendees to speak out on sex assault. "I have been slut shamed, I've been harassed, I've been maligned. I'm just like you", McGowan told those at the event, who she at one point referred to as "me toos".