Emma reacts to her release from WWE, Paige responds


On the heels of the announcement about Emma being released, WWE has just announced that Darren Young and Summer Rae have also been released from the company.

After receiving significant blowback on Twitter for a joke he made about Emma being released by WWE this morning, Lio Rush tried to clarify his comments and apologized to fans who thought they were inappropriate.

Summer Rae is the third release to be mentioned on Sunday.

She was promoted to the main roster in January of 2014 and performed in her first match on Monday Night Raw in February of the same year.

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There have been rumors lately about some WWE superstars being unhappy, notably Neville and Nia Jax, as their recent absences have been well-noticed. As a former WWE Tag Team Champion, Young has seen a few glimpses of success on WWE's main roster.

During a set of matches where she was expected to be squashed, Emma was surprisingly competitive in defeat versus Asuka. WWE attempted to re-boot Young by attaching him to WWE Hall of Famer, Darren Young, however, an elbow surgery cost him that run. In 2012, he was paired with Titus O'Neil as The Prime Time Players. Young sustained an injury early this year and came back to the ring for WWE Live events, but never worked TV after.

She debuted an evil version of her personality and returned back to the flagship show in 2016.

With Young has been off television for months, even after being cleared to return from injury, while Rae hasn't appeared on Raw programming ever since the 2016 brand split, this new update shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.