Smriti Irani sees a Russian Federation connection to Rahul Gandhi's twitter popularity


Social media has been replete with claims of political parties that rivals are using bots and buying followers and retweets.

The agency report said that on October 15, "OfficeofRG" retweeted US President Donald Trump's tweet praising American-Pakistani relations with a caption "Modi ji quick, looks like President Trump needs another hug". About 3.83 million accounts follow Rahul's @OfficeOfRG handle.

Divya Spandana, who heads the Congress's social media and digital communications wing, scoffed at the allegations.

Smriti, who rarely misses an opportunity to take on the Gandhi family ever since she lost the 2014 polls from Amethi to Rahul, sarcastically remarked that perhaps the Congress scion was "planning to sweep the polls in Russia, Indonesia and Kazakhstan".

A war of words on Saturday broke out between the BJP and the Congress over Rahul Gandhi's Twitter resurgence after a news agency suggested "bots" or web robots can produce automated mass retweets. Rahul Gandhi's recent tweet with a screenshot of Donald Trump's "Starting to develop a much better relationship with Pakistan and its leaders".

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The report which has pointed out that there might be bots behind Rahul Gandhi's twitter popularity was shared by Smriti Irani who questioned the authenticity of his followers. The 30,000 retweets for this remark was what caught everyone's attention.

Reacting to the media reports, Rathore tweeted: "In sports, this would come under "Doping". hey wait! does "dope" remind you of someone". Reports indicate that automated bots from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Indonesia are probably involved in retweeting Rahul's twitter posts.

She also hit out at Ms Irani in her tweet and said, "Why do we need them (referring to bots) when we have you?" "Can understand your eagerness to please the I&B ministry and the Bots Janata Party", Divya tweeted. Rajeev Chandrashekhar, NDA's Kerala chief, wrote, "Desperate times call for desperate measures?"

All of a sudden, there was a dramatic increase in the number of followers of Rahul Gandhi on Twitter. Soon after the issue of "bots" retweeting Gandhi's tweets gained traction, '#RahulWaveInKazakh' began trending on Twitter. "The real issue is why is every minister jumping on Rahul Gandhi but silent on the questions that he is raising... they are not about Russian Federation or Kazhakhstan but about the issues faced by every Indian".

Another Congress leader R.P.N Singh said it is unimportant how many times a tweet has been retweeted.