Hollywood Talent Agent Fired After Sexual Assault Allegations Surface


In a Facebook post on Monday, actor-turned-filmmaker Blaise Godbe Lipman accused Grasham on Monday of giving him alcohol when he was a teenager and sexually assaulting.

Deadline reports that Cameron and Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard have let go of Tyler Grasham after two men have come forward stating that the agent assaulted them both. The Times interviewed each of the accusers.

Tyler Grasham has been put on a leave of absence by his agency APA and is no longer physically in the Beverly Hills offices.

While at first Lipman did not name Grasham, he later said the agent "poked" him on Facebook after he shared the letter, which prompted him to name him and provide additional details of the alleged abuse.

"I told him "no" at a certain point, [because] he got a little too physical", Lindsey said.

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"I was young and desperately wanted acceptance within my industry", Lipman wrote.

"When I was 21, Tyler Grasham repeatedly harassed me about my sexuality, and forcibly implied he could "protect me" if I joined his roster, ' he tweeted, adding that the agent told him if he didn't comply his career 'may be derailed".

Brady Lindsey, who is now 19, is the latest individual to allege sexual misconduct against Grasham, claiming that the agent messaged him on Instagram asking to have lunch with him with the hope of one day starting a family.

Grasham allegedly organised a smear campaign in order to "out" the actor (Lipman, who is gay, wasn't out at the time of the incident) "I didn't do anything at the time". He has not yet signed with another agency.

Child actor Finn Wolfhard, who is known for his role in the popular science fiction-horror web series Stranger Things, has reportedly quit the popular media company Agency for the Performing Arts (APA) due to reported sexual assault allegations.