Ireland Bracing Itself For Storm Brian


The Met Office has extended its yellow warning for wind to the whole of the southern and western coast of England from 4am on Saturday, with south-westerly areas thought to be among the worst affected.

Following the devastation of Ophelia earlier this week, which killed three people, Brian will bring more strong winds.

A yellow wind warning has been issued and gusts of wind are expected to be in excess of 50 miles per hour.

At present, Met Eireann is predicting that Friday night and Saturday will see the worst of the conditions in Ireland.

"Those wind speeds can cause impacts to transport and power supplies, and the potential for risky waves also brings risks to coastal routes and communities, as well as the potential for flooding of homes". Short term loss of power and other services is also possible, it said. The strong winds will be accompanied by heavy rain, bringing a risk of local flooding.

The meteorological phenomenon is due to calm somewhat in the Atlantic before it reaches land.

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"As we go through Saturday morning the strong southwesterly winds affecting the South and West will spread eastwards and slowly change direction as they will become westerly towards the end of the warning period".

The forecaster added: "Winds will be gale to severe gale force, with 60-70mph gusts for west and south Wales, the south-west and south coast of England and southern Irish coast".

"Widespread mist, fog and drizzle tonight will give way to a spell of heavy and possibly thundery rain".

How will Storm Brian impact on United Kingdom weather?

Storms in the United Kingdom and Ireland are named alphabetically and Brian will follow September's Storm Aileen - Hurricane Ophelia was named by the National Hurricane Centre in the USA, so does not follow the same pattern. It's a moving depression rather than a hurricane. "I don't think it will hit Ireland as hard as it will hit the United Kingdom".