The Xbox One Fall Update is now available for download


Xbox Studios General Manager Shannon Loftis doesn't understand the claims that Microsoft, and the Xbox One, doesn't have a strong exclusive line up. Xbox Insiders have been testing out the features, and now all players will have access to the previously revealed Home, Guide and Community tabs, as well as many other big new features.

This week's Xbox One sale will be available until Tuesday, Oct. 24, 6 a.m. EDT.

It'll also rearrange your notifications if you haven't turned your console on for a while, providing you with all the most important notifications/activities that you've missed first. "I'm hopeful. There will be people who want that performance and they are going to be happy, then there are going to be people who aren't on the bleeding edge and I'm totally happy for them to buy an Xbox One S". Each block, which can stand for either a game, friend, Xbox Game Pass, or Xbox Live Gold, will provide users with an easy path to their favorite content. In a blog post explaining the new features and changes, the developers at Plex go into detail about what makes the v2 UI such an improvement over the previous version of the app. You can now use your controller's bumpers to toggle between menus in the Guide, as it now scrolls horizontally, instead of vertically.

The Broadcast & Capture tab in Guide is also now more deeply integrated with Mixer. You can check that out right here.

Of course, Microsoft wouldn't do all of this without a new light theme for the dashboard.

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The Guide also has a new Tournaments section in the Multiplayer tab.

Because waiting is frustrating, and the last thing anyone wants to do is wait for their brand new video game console to download yet more patches the moment they've pulled it out of the box and plugged it in.

Microsoft even says you'll be able to download 4K-ready titles ahead of time as part of its Xbox One X Enhanced games, grabbing these before the "X" console comes out, so you're ready to play and don't have to, you know, wait.

Do you think Microsoft should consider supporting Japanese titles?

The new Xbox One update is now rolling out and basically gets you read for Xbox One X, letting you transfer your games and get 4K stuff ahead of launch.