Amazon introduces option for teens to shop on their parents' accounts


By the time they're 13 to 17, they're advanced enough internet users that keeping them out of their Amazon accounts in probably the least of parents' concerns-does Amazon have any suggestions for keeping teens from ordering drugs on the dark web?

Parents can supervise loosely by simply setting a pre-approved spending limit per order, or set it up so they're notified of every order and must approve it.

For parents, an email or text message is sent when the order is "placed" - that is, when the teen is ready to order, but the item isn't actually purchased yet. Parents are able to select which payment methods and shipping addresses they'd like their teens to have access to and will receive an automated request for approval whenever a purchase is attempted.

We also announced winners of the Vintage Market Day tickets! Though many college students may come from households that share a Prime Membership, the option for a reduced-price Prime Student membership could be an attractive one for students living on their own. The teen can also add a note to their parents. Parents then approve or deny the order, though the system can be set to automatically approve orders if desired.

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Parents can set up the teen accounts in two ways.

Amazon (AMZN) now wants teenagers to shop on their own without mom and dad chiming in. Teens get greater freedom and parents still get itemized notifications of orders.

If you prefer to avoid handing over your credit card outright whenever your teens want or need something on Amazon, the retail giant has you covered. But if they do pay for Prime, teens will also get access to free shipping, streaming video and Prime's other perks.