After Plastic Surgery In South Korea, Chinese Women Detained At Airport


Three Chinese women who travelled overseas to get some work done on their face were unable to go back home as they were barred from taking their flights. Customs officers at the airport could not identify the women and were forced to detain them for clarifications, Shanghaiist reports.

This isn't the first Golden Week travel problem, either; a year ago, 100 Chinese tourists spent up to five days of their holiday stranded in an airport, having been denied entry to South Korea's Jeju Island. Jian even joked that their mothers wouldn't recognize them.

A photo of the trio was taken by Chinese TV Presenter Jian Huahua. The picture was liked more than 51,000 times and shared more than 23,000 times.

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It's not clear if the women were eventually allowed to travel back to China. Up to half of women under 30 in Seoul are estimated to have had surgery; graphic advertisements of before and after photos are strewn across the metro system billboards, and the chi-chi Gangnam district, where many clinics are based, is known as the "Improvement Quarter". It is not known what proportion is for plastic surgery. Many foreigners, especially from China, fly to South Korea specifically for plastic surgery. Men are believed to make up about 15 per cent of the cosmetic surgery market.

"I didn't question what was going on because I have had the same situation when landing in NYC at JFK when I was questioned for one hour then once I told the immigration officer to look me up they all were very apologetic just saying that they were doing their job", he added.