Important questions remain unanswered as Texas Tech shooting investigation continues


Police are looking into how Daniels gained access to a gun since he was too young to even possess a handgun in the state of Texas. University officials said East went to Daniels' room to perform a welfare check and found evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia. When he returned, he found East mortally wounded and Daniels gone. "Today is a time for us to mourn and reflect as we stand together to not only honor the fearless officer but also to honor the men and women who risk their lives every day".

The school's president, Lawrence Schovanec, said East's family is in the thoughts and prayers of the Texas Tech community. According to the NRA's website, Texas only honors licenses and permits of individuals who are 21 years of age or older. East leaves behind his wife, Carmen, and two daughters, Anna and Monica.

Thomas Bonds of the Lubbock city police department said Hollis Daniels III confessed to killing Officer Floyd East Jr. after his recapture Monday night.

We are told Daniels lived in Talkington Hall, which is one of the campus carry dorms.

Neighbors had nice things to say about the Daniels family, but it's clear to many that something went terribly wrong.

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"Before Aug. 1, 2016, this would be a felony", he said.

But faculties and students at universities across Texas conducted petition drives against the campus-carry laws and some faculty members have moved to universities in other states. They don't belong on campus. On the other hand, The Houston Chronicle reported an instance of a professor at a public university in Texas moving office hours to a public space out of concerns of being alone with a student who might be carrying. More than a dozen had at least one gun-related report, including aggravated robbery and an accidental discharge in a dorm.

It was only during the search for Daniels that the school's counseling center revealed that his family had called to say he was making comments about suicide and were anxious he had a weapon, Bonath explained.

"So the bad guys are going to go get the guns", Arrington said. "Are you ready?'" Smith said, adding that several people acknowledged they had concealed weapons.

The state Democratic Party apologized Tuesday for a tweet it sent linking the campus carry law to Monday's shooting. "The question is if we only want the ones that are there to be illegal". While cases of campus officers being killed on the job - much less students killing campus officers - are relatively rare, "it's a reminder that it's a constant possibility", Gwen Fitzgerald, an association spokeswoman, said in an email.